David Loved Jonathan in a Same-Sex Relationship – talk during Belfast Pride 2011

Faith and Pride’s inaugural event kicks off on July 24th with Andrew McFarland setting out to demonstrate that the language used in the Bible to describe the relationship between David and Jonathan is the same as the language used to describe the relationship between husband and wife.

Speaking before the event, Andrew said:

The evidence is compelling. David and Jonathan spoke about each other as if they were spouses, and aspects of their relationship only make sense if you see them as a couple.

The whole context of their relationship – they even had a formal covenant between them because of their love – suggest that they were more than just friends.

Members of the public are very welcome to come to the event which is being held in All Souls’ Church, Elmwood Avenue, Belfast, at 7pm. The second talk of the evening will be by Paula Rita Tabakin who will explore homosexuality from a Jewish reform perspective using texts and traditions.

About Faith and Pride

Faith and Pride is an organization with one simple point: you can be Christian and Gay. It is run by a group of gay Christians, who have accumulated experience as Anglicans, Catholics, Christadelphians, Methodists, Non-Subscribing Presbyterians, and Presbyterians.

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  1. Dave Patterson

    I am really looking forward to hearing all about David and Jonathan. I am not much of a reader and dont do in depth academia very well, so Im really glad that this topic is being covered on my behalf. Cant wait to see if its a celebration of love shared in innocence and purity (thats what I have in my minds eye!)


  2. Hats off to whveoer wrote this up and posted it.

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