Against Nature?

I just saw this on the BBC website.

Same-sex pairs of monogamous birds are just as attached and faithful to each other as those paired with a member of the opposite sex.

The post revealing which person in the Bible ad two dads will be next – I just thought that story was too interesting not to share.

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I'm Andrew. Belfast-born, Cambridge-educated, working in Ireland. Married to Michael (who is occasionally known as John). I earn my living by writing, mainly documentation, but I write fiction as well. My pronouns are he/him/his.

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  1. If God was for homosexuality He would have ordained it from the very beginning in the bible. You ever see God saying homosexuality is right in the bible? Homosexuality is unnatural and can never be seen as right in the sight of God…NEVER….turn from you sins and stop trying to justify. God will forgive every sin…but how can He forgive one who says He is not into sin…if we say we have no sin..then we lie and the truth is not within us.

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