Justify, Justify, Come On Up and Justify!

Andrew McFarland Campbell

Sooner or later every openly gay Christian hears an argument that goes something like this:

You offer no Scriptural evidence to justify same-sex relationships in the eyes of God.

Or perhaps:

Unless you show that same-sex relationships are acceptable to God, they are wrong.

Now, that’s a dangerous style of argument for many reasons. First of all, it implies that we can justify ourselves before God. Rather than accepting salvation and forgiveness as a gift that God freely gives, it becomes something we can demand as of right; that’s not a particularly Christian doctrine.

Another reason why it is dangerous is because it implies that if something can’t be shown to be “right” then it must be wrong. That opens the door to a whole host of difficult problems. Chances are you are reading this on a computer of some kind. Can the use of a computer be “justified” from…

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About Andrew McFarland Campbell

I'm Andrew. Belfast born, Cambridge educated, working in Dublin. Married to Michael (who is also known as John). I earn my living by writing, mainly documentation, but I write fiction as well.

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