Belfast Pride 2012

The Albert Clock at 6pm. Photo: Gerry Lynch.

Every evening from Sunday 29 July to Saturday 4 August, as the Albert Clock struck six, people gathered in St George’s Parish Church to spend 15 minutes with Christ. While there is nothing remarkable about people meeting in a church, what was significant was each of those 15 minute services was, like all of our Belfast Pride events, part of the Belfast Pride Festival. After they were over, many of the participants went on to other Belfast Pride events. Every evening we witnessed a simple fact: you can be Christian and gay.

Each evening, a different speaker lead the meditation.

Date Speaker Subject
Sunday 29 July Pádraig Ó Tuama Fear Not
Monday 30 July John O’Neill Pied Beauty
Tuesday 31 July Simon Henning Can we remember our lines?
Wednesday 1 August Michael Carchrie Campbell We must be content to go on like pilgrims.
Thursday 2 August Andrew McFarland Campbell All One in Christ
Friday 3 August Harriet Long Can we make space for God revealing himself?
Saturday 4 August Michael Carchrie Campbell The noble task of man, to pray and to love

The music before and after the service came mainly from Songs of Taizé – O Lord, Hear My Prayer & My Soul Is At Rest (Volume One).

Film: Love Free or Die

On Sunday 29 July we showed the film Love Free or Die, which is about Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Anglican Bishop.  Gene Robinson was shown to be brave, charismatic, and above all human.

The Parade Itself

People from Faith and Pride supporting the Belfast Pride parade. Photo: Phil O’Kane

Inspired by the events in Love Free or Die, on the day of the parade, we gathered outside St George’s Church, along with our friends from Changing Attitude Ireland, to support the Belfast Pride Parade, on both its outward and return journeys. It was a wonderful and humbling experience to get such a warm reception from the people on the parade.


Michael and I could not have done all that we did without the help of several people, including Pádraig Ó TuamaJohn O’NeillSimon HenningHarriet Long, Father Brian Stewart, Pam Tilson, Many Mullin, and the Belfast Pride committee. Special thanks go to Mervyn Kingston and Richard O’Leary, who have broken much new ground for us, and who gave us many ideas for how we may give witness to a loving and inclusive Christianity.

And a Final Word

About Andrew McFarland Campbell

I'm Andrew. Belfast born, Cambridge educated, working in Dublin. Married to Michael (who is also known as John). I earn my living by writing, mainly documentation, but I write fiction as well.

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