Equal Marriage Discussion in the Belfast Telegraph

I have had a letter on equal marriage published in the Belfast Telegraph. The letter was shortened a bit for publication. The original is below.

Dear Sir,

With reference to Cynthia Campbell’s letter about same-sex laws (Letters, February 12), I would simply like to say that, as a practising Christian who takes God seriously and so believes the Bible’s teaching and prophesies and guidelines, I have to adhere to what it says about homosexuality as much as to any other subject.

So, as marriage is ordained by God in the first place and as being not for procreation but for companionship (Genesis 2:18), then you might consider that anything suggested by man as being a marriage does actually make it one as long as it meets this criterion. Christians who believe that marriage is about procreation should take note that procreation is not mentioned until after the Fall.

As the founder of Faith and Pride, a non-denominational gay Christian organisation, I would like to invite all gay Christians and their friends to any of our meetings. Details are on our website, https://faithandpride.org/.

Andrew McFarland Campbell

About Andrew McFarland Campbell

I'm Andrew. Belfast-born, Cambridge-educated, working in Ireland. Married to Michael (who is occasionally known as John). I earn my living by writing, mainly documentation, but I write fiction as well. My pronouns are he/him/his.

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  1. Genesis 1:28 clearly indicates procreation, and is also quite clearly before the fall. How can you be so wrong about a point made in the very first chapter?

    Do you subscribe to some creative re-interpretation of Genesis 1 that obscures this issue? It’s so straightforward, I would be curious to know how you see things differently.

    • Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 and 3 are not consecutive. They are parallel accounts of creation. The command in 1:29 makes no mention of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, yet this tree, and the commandment not to eat from it, is the central issue of the Fall. This means, at the very least 1:29 is after the Fall. It is a huge stretch to say that 1:28 and 1:29 are separated by the Fall yet make no mention of it.

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